Euphoria (Season 1)

Directed By: Augustine Frizzell


The TV series Euphoria deals with topics already covered by cinema and television: young students and their relationships with sex, drugs, violence, rock’n’roll… Well, maybe nothing rock’n’roll. The added value is that these stories are told very well, so we want to hear them again.
There’s also a second added value: the nude debut of Sydney Sweeney and her fantastic boobs. These are the most beautiful tits seen in 2019 and since we’re halfway through the year it won’t be easy to beat them. Sydney Sweeney nude makes us go crazy. In the fourth episode, she masturbates on a carousel at the carnival! In the sixth episode, she gives us a hat-trick of super scenes, including a doggy style sex scene. Hunter Schafer and Alexa Demie are the other two nude actresses seen in the first fourth episodes. Plus, Zendaya shows us her hard nipples under a white shirt and a scene where she masturbates (but she’s unfortunately dressed). And to end the season in the best way, we can enjoy Allie Marie Evans‘ beautiful ass.

Nude scenes