Fight Club

Directed By: David Fincher


Cult film from the late 1990s. A young man leads a monotonous life and works for an insurance company. One day he meets a guy named Tyler Durden on an airplane flight. Tyler seems to be his opposite and together they create a bare-knuckle fighting group called Fight Club. The group grows exponentially to become an anti-capitalist organization.
In the 48th minute there is a sex scene with Helena Bonham Carter, but we are actually watching Laura Grady naked, who is Helena’s body double in this sequence. It’s hard to tell if it’s always Laura. In our opinion, you can also see Helena’s boobs. Eighteen minutes later Helena Bonham Carter is topless in front of the mirror, asking a guy to look at her boobs. In the film the breasts are not visible, but in a rare open matte version we can see the boobs and this time there is no doubt. They are Helena’s.

Nude scenes