Fiorina la Vacca

Directed By: Vittorio De Sisti


Fiorina the cow is a quadruped that goes from master to master, and with each passage she introduces us to a new episode of this interesting decamerotic, which is quite funny and not very raunchy.
In the fourth minute Angela Covello takes off her shirt and shows her breasts to a man, then lies down on a straw bed to have sex with him. Eighteen minutes later Ewa Aulin naked, leaning on the edge of the bed, waits for a man to take her doggy style. Instead, she gets a whipping. After another eighteen minutes, Graziella Galvani takes off her clothes and invites a guy into her bed. When she turns on her stomach, the actress shows us a full-frontal nude. Eleven minutes later, Janet Agren has sex in bed with a man while her husband is milking a cow in the barn. Janet also shows us an intriguing full-frontal nude. Ten minutes later, Janet Agren and Jenny Tamburi are in bed naked with two men. No sex, they are just chatting. Jenny proudly shows off her boobs. Six minutes later, Lucia Vasilicò is wearing a completely transparent shirt, letting us admire her breasts. Ten minutes later we see Angela Covello naked again, as a tailor measures her for a dress.

Nude scenes