Frank and Ava nude scenes

Frank and Ava

Directed By: Michael Oblowitz


In 1949, Frank Sinatra is having a terrible time. His career is at its lowest and he has hemorrhage on his vocal cords. Moreover, the newspapers tell of his alleged Mafia connections, liberal sympathies, and extramarital affairs. Exactly, a lousy moment. But Frank finds the time to fall in love with the beautiful Ava Gardner, the great movie star who shares some characteristics with him: a passion for whiskey, a tough head and little inclination towards sentimental loyalty.
Frank and Ava tell us their love story and show us some beautiful sequences with the lovely Emily Elicia Low. We watched the scenes with Emily Elicia Low in 50s lingerie and intriguing stockings a thousand times. Also noteworthy is the nude of blonde Jacqui Holland.

Nude scenes