Fratello homo, sorella bona

Directed By: Mario Sequi


The decamerotic is one of our favorite genres. We have talked about it in a number of reviews and then we just briefly summarize this genre: erotic movies set in medieval Italy and following the vein of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Decameron.
Usually these movies – with the exception of a few titles – are comedies of petty humor and the various episodes are just pretexts for telling old jokes or showing naked actresses. We are very happy with these intentions, of course.
Generally, we evaluate these movies based on two criteria. First: how many nude actresses are there? Second: how much do they get undressed?
Fratello homo, sorella bona has excellent answers for both questions. There are many actresses: Annie Carol Edel, Antonia Santilli, Bruna Olivieri, Gabriella Giorgelli, Krista Nell, Loredana Mongardini and Patrizia Adiutori. And the nudometer is 5 stars. So the final judgment is: excellent movie!

Nude scenes