Friend of the Family nude scenes

Friend of the Family

Directed By: Edward Holzman


A married couple, Jeff and Linda, has some relationship problems. Their relationship is not working properly, he’s a workaholic, she is convinced that he’s betraying her. Jeff also has two sons, from his first marriage, studying at the university. And then there’s Elke, the sister of one of Linda’s friends, who is a free and sexually uninhibited spirit. Elke will be able to get the spouses to communicate with each other again.
Friend of the Family offers us many sex scenes. The actresses are a guarantee of excitement: Griffin Drew, Lisa Boyle, Shauna O’Brien, and Raelyn Saalman.
Shauna O’Brien dances naked in the pool, poses for erotic photographs, practices lesbian sex in the bathtub with Griffin Drew. Lisa Boyle has so much sex: in the pool, on the bed, and on the couch. Griffin Drew is a hot blonde who gives us various hot scenes. And finally a beautiful nude by Raelyn Saalman, who has a fabulous body.

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