Full Body Massage

Directed By: Nicolas Roeg


Nina (Mimi Rogers) is a successful art dealer who receives weekly home massages. One day her trusted masseur sends her a replacement, Fitch. Between the two, things don’t get off to the best start. There is friction, but also common ground. Nina and Fitch can’t stand and yet at the same time are attracted to each other. Full Body Massage is a cult film of the mid-1990s, with the virtue of showing us one of the best female bodies of that period constantly oiled and massaged. Mimi Rogers has a very strong erotic charge and a fabulous pair of big boobs.
In the sixth minute Mimi Rogers admires herself in front of the mirror. The woman wears black panties and bra, then takes off her top and massages her big tits. Twelve minutes later we witness the first massage. Mimi Rogers is lying on her stomach and the man massages her back. She is naked, covered by a towel. We see the side of her breasts, and part of her ass when the man lifts the towel. Six minutes later Mimi Rogers is sitting face forward in a massage chair. The towel covering her has come down and we see her large breasts. After the chair the actress lies on a massage table for a foot massage. In the next scene Elizabeth Barondes lies naked by the fire at night while a man gives her a back massage. Ten minutes later we finally see Mimi Rogers‘ beautiful breasts as she lies on a crib for another massage. At the same moment, Gabriella Hall turns around and shows a breathtaking full-frontal nude to a man waiting for her in bed. Next, Mimi turns onto her stomach for a back massage. The woman is totally naked now. While looking at Mimi’s ass, Fitch remembers a fuck with Elizabeth Barondes. A couple of minutes later, another massage begins, highlighting Mimi Rogers‘ tits. Meanwhile, Fitch remembers another sexual adventure with Elizabeth Barondes, this time in a pond. The massages become increasingly erotic, and now we are facing Mimi’s large breasts as the man massages her arms. Nine minutes later we witness one last long message, in which the man squeezes Mimi Rogers‘ soft busty breasts several times.

Nude scenes