Fuoco amico TF45 – Eroe per amore

Directed By: Beniamino Catena


Enea De Santis is the captain of Task Force 45, on a special mission in Farah Province, Afghanistan. The task force deals with peacekeeping missions, but the captain is also searching for the truth about his father’s disappearance in this same geographical area. This search makes him the target of people without scruples.
A few minutes into the first episode we can see Pilar Fogliati naked, straddling a man, on the couch, in an exciting sex scene. Unfortunately, a video call interrupts the idyll. Twenty minutes later, Megan Montaner is involved in a sex scene with the protagonist.
In the second episode, Giorgia Sinicorni is about to have sex with a man but is interrupted midway through. In the same episode, there is another scene with Pilar Fogliati naked. In the third episode, Giorgia Sinicorni has sex with a man. A hot scene of Pilar Fogliati closes the series of spicy sequences.

Nude scenes