Directed By: Bruno Barreto


Gabriela, cravo e canela is a famous novel by the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. In 1975, a Brazilian soap opera was adapted from this novel, which made the actress Sônia Braga famous throughout the world. A movie version of the novel is released eight years later. Sônia Braga still plays Gabriela.
In the late twenties, in the state of Bahia, Gabriela arrives in the rich provincial port of Ilhéus. Young and beautiful, she finds work in the home of Nacib, a middle-aged man who will lose his mind over her.
In the film, we are lucky enough to admire Sônia Braga naked in various sequences: a sex scene, a nice invigorating shower, naked in bed with her man, another sex scene, an adulterous sex scene, an exciting topless di in front of the mirror and another sex scene with her husband.
We also report a long and exciting sex scene starring the actress Tania Boscoli.

Nude scenes