Gegé Bellavita

Directed By: Pasquale Festa Campanile


Gennarino is a brash and sexually overindulged husband. It is difficult for his wife (Lina Polito) to support their ten children and keep the house running, and they are always short of money. When she discovers that Gennarino has sex with all the neighbors, she makes his cheating profitable.
The first sex sequence is offered by Lina Polito, who is in bed with her husband. Four minutes later, Laura Trotter removes her clothes in front of the protagonist, intending to seduce him. Ten minutes later, Lina Polito is back in bed with her husband. Naked, of course.
There is no respite for our protagonist, who moments later is seduced by a neighbor, the beautiful and sensual Maria Pia Conte, who removes her bra while sunbathing on the terrace. Another woman sunbathing topless is Marina Hedman, whom we admire in the following scene.
Six minutes later, we can get aroused by Marisa Laurito‘s beautiful nude, perhaps her most sensual nude on the big screen. One minute later, we get naked Ria De Simone, who shows her big boobs to the protagonist.
Lina Polito and Gabriella Di Luzio are the last two actresses to strip before the end of the film.

Nude scenes