Girls in Prison

Directed By: John McNaughton


Hollywood, 1952. The aspiring singer Aggie O’Hanlon is accused of the murder of the president of a record company. The penalty is severe: life imprisonment. The girl ends up in an infernal female prison, helped only by another prisoner, also sentenced to life.
Girls in prison is a thriller, but also a belated example of a Women in prison genre. There is no shortage of showers and even a lesbian scene, between Ione Skye and Bahni Turpin. In the 70s, when this kind of film was going great, the sequences in the shower were much more numerous. We only have a couple in this movie, which is still very interesting. Besides Ione Skye and Bahni Turpin, in the shower we also find the intriguing Anne Heche, who enjoys the water with a beautiful mischievous smile.

Nude scenes