Gli sfiorati

Directed By: Matteo Rovere


Méte is a graphologist who is trying to take care of his stepsister Belinda (Miriam Giovanelli). In addition, the boy is intrigued by the beautiful Beatrice (Asia Argento).
In one scene, one of the protagonists enters a room and sees the beautiful Miriam Giovanelli, lying on the sofa, undressed and sensual. The blonde Miriam Giovanelli gives us another couple of sexy scenes, then is the turn of Asia Argento, who lets us peek while she has sex with a guy.
A long and very exciting scene follows: Miriam Giovanelli and the protagonist have sex on the sofa. One morning, Miriam Giovanelli gets out of bed and goes away forever, luckily after showing us her ass.

Nude scenes