Gone Girl

Directed By: David Fincher


A couple lives happily, but everything changes on their fifth wedding anniversary. The wife (Rosamund Pike) disappears into thin air. After a month of investigation, the public begins to believe that she was murdered by her husband.
In the sixth minute the beautiful Rosamund Pike is lying on the bed wearing sexy lingerie. Between her legs is the head of a man who is performing oral sex on her. Thirty-seven minutes later a man is sitting on the couch, and Emily Ratajkowski straddles him, then pulls down her dress to show off her nice firm boobs. He lowers his head to kiss them. Five minutes later there is another short sequence with Emily Ratajkowski naked on the couch. Sixty-nine minutes later Rosamund Pike walks around the house wearing a very sexy petticoat. When she gets down she shows us her beautiful ass. A couple of minutes later Rosamund has sex in bed with a man. She is wearing white lingerie. Seven minutes later we admire Rosamund Pike naked in the shower. She is covered in blood, but little by little the water washes it away.

Nude scenes