Directed By: Davide Ferrario


An Italian porn diva (Elisabetta Cavallotti) discovers she has cancer. Her career begins to face obstacles, and in the process, she falls in love with a man. Guardami is a film inspired by the life of the celebrated Moana Pozzi, somewhat reminiscent of the American film Boogie Nights. Elisabetta Cavallotti gives the viewer a perfect performance, full of very daring scenes, some hardcore. Some sequences were filmed at MiSex, a hard-core festival held in Milan, where the actress was mistaken for a real porn star.
We watch Elisabetta Cavallotti naked from the very first minutes of the film. The actress is on the set with some colleagues, shooting a scene. Soon after, they are all in the shower: the workday is over. Nine minutes later we are faced with a very exciting scene: Elisabetta Cavallotti and Stefania Orsola Garello are completely naked and masturbating each other, sitting on the bed. A couple of minutes later Elisabetta Cavallotti performs completely naked on a stage and delights us with a couple of minutes of breathtaking spectacle.
About ten minutes later, Elisabetta Cavallotti shaves her pussy and the director shows it to us in a close-up. In the next scene we are again in front of the actress’ shaved pussy, this time with piercings added. Ten minutes later, Elizabeth plunges into the sea completely naked for a midnight swim. A series of sequences from the hard set follow, including a fabulous real blowjob performed to perfection by Elisabetta Cavallotti. A bondage scene closes the long list of sequences.

Nude scenes