Her Secret Life

Directed By: David Vital-Durand, Raphaël Vital-Durand


In Her Secret Life (the original title is Et mon coeur transparent) Lancelot loses his wife Irina (Caterina Murino) in an accident. The man’s life is destroyed, but he soon discovers that his wife was not the woman he thought he married.
In the first sexy sequence, we can admire Caterina Murino in black lingerie and stockings. In the following scene, Caterina Murino is engaged in a sex scene. The tits of this actress are really inviting. Later, Catherine is taking a shower while a man looks at her smugly. Shortly thereafter, the actress walks up to her mirror, completely naked, and puts on lipstick. The man approaches her and hugs her from behind. Her ass is the protagonist of the whole sequence. In the latest hot scene, the actress is wearing a sexy black bikini.

Nude scenes