Ho sposato un calciatore

Directed By: Stefano Sollima


Ho sposato un calciatore is an Italian television miniseries directed in 2005. The series tells the life of some women with one thing in common: they are the wives of famous football players.
During the four episodes, in addition to the story, we can also enjoy some very interesting nude actresses. The intriguing Jane Alexander gives us a lot of very nice sequences. Maria Elena Vandone is blonde at the beginning of the series, then she is a hot brunette. In both cases, we can admire her naked… and also in a horny BDSM version, with latex lingerie and black stockings.
Benedetta Valanzano wears sexy lingerie, but in one sequence she allows us to admire her big perky tits. Finally, Karin Proia doesn’t get naked but is in a couple of sexy sequences.

Nude scenes