Hotel Artemis

Directed By: Drew Pearce


Is there anyone who manages to be super sexy even while she is in the middle of a fist fight, kills about twenty people, is injured and beaten up? Of course, there is: her name is Sofia Boutella and she’s a really hot Algerian actress.
Hotel Artemis is an action movie that takes place in the Los Angeles of the future. As is the tradition in gangsters movies, there is a nurse who takes care of injured criminals, in an anonymous room, without asking questions. The film revolves around this character – the Nurse – and frankly, it is rather distant from the primary interests of our site. A lot of action and beautiful sequences, but you know that we are interested in nude actresses.
Then Sofia Boutella gives us a sequence of punches and kicks in which her thighs are the main protagonists, sinuous and fast through a fluttering red skirt. She is beautiful, her thighs are beautiful. It’s all beautiful!

Nude scenes