House of Lies (Season 2)

Directed By: Stephen Hopkins


In the second season of House of Lies, Marty Kaan and his team face new challenges in the business world as personal and professional tensions escalate. Between successes and family conflicts, the characters are faced with difficult decisions that challenge their integrity, while maintaining the cynical and provocative style of the first season.
The first naked actresses arrive in the third episode. Erika Jordan and Tiffany Tynes kiss and caress each other while some guys watch them. Shortly afterwards, the two actresses run naked together with Halszka Kuza and Christine Nguyen in the corridor of a suite. Finally, each of the four of them has doggy-style sex with a different man. In the fourth episode there is an interesting lesbian scene under the covers. Ronete Levenson has her head between the legs of Dawn Olivieri, who moans with pleasure. In the twentieth minute of episode five Lisa Edelstein unbuttons her shirt and flirts with a man. She kisses him and puts her hand on the fly of his trousers. He puts her doggy-style on the desk for sex. The ninth episode opens with a brief sex scene starring Nia Long and closes with Dawn Olivieri floating topless in a swimming pool. In the twenty-fifth minute of episode eleven, Kristen Bell has sex with a man while standing on top of him. We see the outline of her breasts in a dark shot.

Nude scenes