How Much Do You Love Me?

Directed By: Bertrand Blier


Combien tu m’aimes? (AKA How Much Do You Love Me?) is about a man who wins a large sum of money and asks a beautiful prostitute (Monica Bellucci) to move in with him. Her pimp, however, is not particularly happy.
In the first hot scene, Monica Bellucci is sitting on a couch in front of the leading man. The actress removes her clothes and stretches out, giving us a view of her perfect breasts. Soon after, Monica is wearing a tight white robe that enhances her statuesque body.
Six minutes later, Monica Bellucci is having sex with a man. The two are in a car parked by the sea; Monica rides the man while it’s pouring rain outside. Seven minutes later, Monica is lying in bed wearing red pajamas, waiting for a doctor’s appointment. The actress unbuttons her shirt and frees her large breasts. A moment later she is sitting naked on the bed, her back to the camera. Fifteen minutes later, Monica Bellucci is lying in bed, with a man on top of him. The two are having sex, as can be easily guessed. The actress’ moans are so intense that they disturb the neighbor (Farida Rahouadj), who is intrigued anyway. In fact, twenty-three minutes later there is a brief sex scene with the neighbor herself, who moans with transport. Four minutes later we return to the main protagonist: Monica Bellucci naked in bed, in another sex scene, which we watch from a window.

Nude scenes