I leoni di Sicilia (Season 1)

Directed By: Paolo Genovese


I leoni di Sicilia (The Lions of Sicily) is an Italian television series based on the novel of the same name by Stefania Auci. It’s the story of the Florio family, shipowners and entrepreneurs from Calabria who became among the most influential in nineteenth-century Sicily and the whole of Italy. During the eight episodes we have the pleasure of watching two beautiful actresses naked.
Toward the end of the third episode, Miriam Leone kisses a guy, then he takes off her clothes and they lie on the bed for sex. The fourth episode opens with Miriam Leone naked as seen from above. The actress is lying on the bed on her stomach. Next to her is a naked man. They are clearly fresh from a sexual performance. Twenty minutes later the two are having passionate sex on a couch. After the sex, Miriam Leone is lying naked on the bed, and the man kisses her stomach, because she’s pregnant. In the thirty-second minute of the fifth episode, the actress is again in bed naked with her partner, framed from above. This time she is covered by a white sheet, but when she turns to the man her ass is revealed. At the beginning of episode eight there is a nice sex scene with Jessica Cressy naked. Four minutes later the couple is chatting in bed. We see Jessica’s ass reflected in a mirror, then catch a glimpse of her breasts in a close-up shot. Twenty-eight minutes later there is another beautiful scene with this sultry actress. Jessica Cressy stands over the man and we can admire her naked body. Four minutes later Jessica gets out of bed naked and gets dressed while talking to her partner, who is still in bed.

Nude scenes