I Love America

Directed By: Lisa Azuelos


Lisa (Sophie Marceau) is a single woman who decides to get back in the game. Lisa’s mother – famous and absent – passed away recently. Her sons are grown up and away from home. Now is the time to give her life and her love a second chance.
At 56, Sophie Marceau is sexier and more exciting than many of her younger colleagues. Sophie Marceau‘s naked body dazzles the viewer in this film. After a quick nude of Yana Popova, the charming Sophie takes the scene and starts giving us one hot sequence after another. In the first hot scene, Sophie Marceau is wearing a transparent tank top. Her nipples are clearly visible. She masturbates under the covers and meanwhile has an erotic dream, in which she wears a bodice with her nipples poking out and black pantyhose. In the following scene, Sophie is naked in her bed and a man is kissing her all over her body. Another hot scene: Sophie Marceau is back in bed, topless, and she is talking to a man. In the following scene, there is another interesting chat: Sophie strips completely naked, then sits down on a sofa to talk to a man who is also naked. Sophie covers herself with her purse, but we can see her inviting breasts. Last nude scene: Sophie draws hearts on her naked body with lipstick, then we see her immersed in the bathtub, completely naked.

Nude scenes