I racconti della Camera Rossa

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


On a rainy night, a traveler asks for hospitality in a brothel. Here, in front of the fire, the man reciprocates the hospitality by telling some funny stories.
Following the success of the Japanese film Sex and Zen, D’amato makes five erotic films. I racconti della Camera Rossa is the first film of this so-called “oriental period”.
The actresses, all very intriguing, especially for those who love Asian women, only starred in this film. A real shame, because these four naked actresses turned us on a lot.
Lily Hwa plays a mature woman who loves being massaged. Li Mia Hung is sadly imprisoned in a chastity belt. Rose Yu is neglected by her husband and hasn’t had sex with him for over a year. Lim Kin Jong is a beautiful and intriguing woman who decides to have sex with her husband’s friend.

Nude scenes