I Smile Back

Directed By: Adam Salky


Laney (Sarah Silverman) is a housewife addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her self-destructive behavior puts a strain on her family members. Sarah Silverman transitions smoothly from comedy to drama and plays a very difficult role perfectly. We are concerned with beauty and sensuality, but a mention of her talent is due.
In the fourth minute, Sarah is sitting on the toilet bowl wearing only a pair of panties. Soon after, we admire Sarah Silverman topless as she admires herself in the mirror and touches her breasts. Later, Sarah is having sex with a man. He lays her on her stomach on the bed and takes her from behind. There are no other nude scenes in the film, but there are some rather intriguing sequences. For example, Sarah Silverman kneeling on the floor, her ass facing the camera, intent on masturbating with a teddy bear.

Nude scenes