The Case of Unfaithful Klara

Directed By: Roberto Faenza


The Case of Unfaithful Klara (original title is Il caso dell’infedele Klara) is set in Prague, where Luca, the protagonist, went to live after finding a job as a music teacher. Luca is extremely jealous of his girlfriend, Klara, and hires an investigator to find out if she is cheating on him.
Laura Chiatti is engaged in a couple of very intriguing sex scenes. In the first of her, she waits for her boyfriend with her legs open; when he comes, she licks and kisses her body. After sex, Laura gets out of bed to take a shower and shows us a stunning full nude. In the second scene, the actress has sex in the bathtub.
Paulina Nemcova, super sexy, in a scene showing us her exciting stockings; in another scene, she delights us with a perfect full-frontal nude and some sex.

Nude scenes