Il compromesso… erotico

Directed By: Sergio Bergonzelli


In a small town in Emilia Romagna, a brothel attracts and scandalizes the townspeople. To try to curb the activity, the town’s parish priest opens a religious club next to the whorehouse. The priest’s niece (Ria De Simone), a fervent Communist, opens a recreation center at the same location.
In the opening credits, Laura Schianchi and Maria Renata Franco share a bathtub. The two actresses are naked and beautiful. This is unfortunately the first and only performance of Laura Schianchi, who disappears from the scene after this film. Half an hour later, our eyes are lost in the beauty of Ria De Simone, who wears only a shirt. Her ass dazzles us, then the actress starts dancing and we fall definitely in love with her character.
Ria De Simone’s performance in this film is a crescendo of exposed skin. The actress seduces us by showing us her thighs, then her underwear, and finally a series of breathtaking nudes. Ria De Simone had a buttery, inviting body, and in this film we can enjoy some of her most interesting (and horny) hot scenes.

Nude scenes