Il fascino sottile del peccato

Directed By: Ninì Grassia


Il fascino sottile del peccato is the tale of a dysfunctional family. The members are all sinners and they fuck great, but the story is dramatic and all these fucks don’t produce much joy.
Alexandra Delli Colli is perfect in the role of the horny MILF. Claudia Cavalcanti plays Carlotta, the rebellious and uninhibited daughter. Cristina De Falco is Carlotta’s friend and she’s also quite uninhibited. Danila Trebbi is the mischievous aunt. Maria Manno plays the role of the dirty secretary.
There are a lot of nude scenes, some tremendously exciting. Claudia Cavalcanti knows how to make us horny and delights us with her perfect legs wrapped in pantyhose.

Nude scenes