Il macellaio

Directed By: Aurelio Grimaldi


Let’s say the truth right away: the only real reason to watch Il macellaio (AKA The butcher) is Alba Parietti nude and engaged in several sequences of sex. For the rest, the movie is bad, boring, inconclusive and with an ending that leaves everything unchanged.
Alina is an art gallery director, wife of a musician and bored with life. When she’s diagnosed with anemia, the doctor advises her to eat a lot of meat. The meeting with the butcher is the incipit of her sexual adventure.
Fortunately, in a truly banal plot, the sexual part gives us many minutes of sex with Alba Parietti. And she’s beautiful, with freshly made boobs and a perfect ass. She doesn’t act very well, but her beauty hides all the imperfections. The scene where she massages the butcher and both are covered in oil is always nice to look at.

Nude scenes