Il saprofita

Directed By: Sergio Nasca


A young seminarian offers, for a fee, to accompany the disabled son of a wealthy baroness (Valeria Moriconi). The seminarian is a womanizer and beds the baroness.
The first to undress in the film is Pia Morra, who shows us everything, in a brief but intense full-frontal nude. Ten minutes later, we can see Valeria Moriconi naked in a sex scene. Eighteen minutes later Cinzia Bruno is on the balcony, intent on seducing a guy who is repairing the TV antenna. The actress shows him her black panties. After fifteen minutes Valeria Moriconi excites us again with black lingerie and stockings.
Toward the end of the film, we can get turned on by Janet Agren‘s boobs, in a very erotic sequence.

Nude scenes