Il volto di un’altra

Directed By: Pappi Corsicato


Bella (Laura Chiatti) is a very charming woman, with blonde hair and a perfect body, who hosts a TV show dedicated to plastic surgery. Her husband, a well-known surgeon, performs live interventions on the guests of the show. One day the management fires Bella: the ratings are down, and the show closes. On the way back, Bella has a car accident and is disfigured. Her head is completely wrapped in gauze and bandages. What seems to be her defeat could instead turn her career around.
There aren’t many sequences of Laura Chiatti nude, but they are all intriguing. In the first hot scene, Laura Chiatti takes off her bathrobe while an electrician is talking to her from another room. Laura’s body is perfect, with small, firm tits and a marble ass. In the following sexy scene, Laura Chiatti wears a dressing gown that reveals her nipples, turgid against the fabric.
In another sequence, the actress wears a transparent white shirt. Laura wears the same dress in the last scene of the film. This time, her tits slide out of her.

Nude scenes