Illusions of Sin

Directed By: Eric Gibson


A beautiful actress (Gabriella Hall) is the victim of a mysterious accident. All suspicion falls on her best friend (Mellara Gold), but she too is the victim of an accident, so the matter becomes more complicated.
Illusions of Sin is one of those films full of naked actresses and where sex is involved from the very first minutes. In fact, the story opens with Gabriella Hall having sex with her best friend’s boyfriend (Mellara Gold). The friend discovers them and the sex ends, but we enjoy a full-frontal nude of Gabriella.
Two minutes later, Mellara goes to work on a movie set and has a quarrel with Landon Hall (who is naked). One minute later, Landon has sex with the director. Ten minutes later, Mellara Gold has sex on the set with an actor. A chastened sequence, but we can admire Mellara Gold naked anyway. Eight minutes later there is another sex scene, starring Jennifer Burton. Later Elina Madison undresses, obviously for a sex sequence. Further on, Landon Hall has sex on a couch with a man, on the theater set, but the couple is interrupted by a troubling incident. Elina Madison and Mellara Gold offer us the last two nudes in the film.

Nude scenes