Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

Directed By: Don Edmonds


Love Camp 7 kicked off the nazisploitation genre, but Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS is probably the most famous film in this vein. Ilsa is an evil warden in a prison camp and conducts experiments on prisoners. Played by the busty Dyanne Thorne, Ilsa is a cruel woman who is also sex-starved. One day she falls in love with an American prisoner who is very resistant in erotic performance. This love will be her downfall, because the American allies with the other female prisoners and organizes a bloody revenge.
We can see Dyanne Thorne naked from the very first moments of the film, intent on riding a man beneath her, lying in bed. After sex, Dyanne takes a short, invigorating shower. Six minutes later some naked actresses have just arrived at the prison camp and are parading in front of the terrible torturer. First is Colleen Brennan, then there is Maria Marx, Donna Young, and finally Jacqueline Giroux. All four show full-frontal nudes. In the next scene Maria Marx and Donna Young are in a room with other nude actresses. A nurse has to shave their pussies. Twelve minutes later a female guard rips off Donna Young‘s clothes to show her naked body to some soldiers. In the next room, Jo Jo Deville and Sandy Richman are topless and whipping two female prisoners. A couple of minutes later Dyanne Thorne is having sex with a man in bed. First she is on top of him, then he is on top of her. Seven minutes later Maria Marx and Janet Newell have to test a painful vibrator. Immediately after that we see busty Uschi Digard locked in a pressurized chamber. Three minutes later Jo Jo Deville and Sandy Richman are engaged in a threesome with a man while Dyanne Thorne watches them excitedly. In the next scene Dyanne Thorne undresses for a man who is waiting for her sitting on the bed. The woman removes her bra and her large breasts fill the screen. The scene shifts to the following morning. Dyanne is in bed naked, ready to begin a new day of torture and evil. A few minutes later Maria Marx is tied to a bed, with diodes attached to her body. Thirteen minutes later Peggy Sipots naked is standing over a block of ice, on a large table set and ready for dinner by some German soldiers.

Nude scenes