Intelligence – Servizi & segreti nude scenes

Intelligence – Servizi & segreti

Directed By: Alexis Sweet


Marco Tancredi is a former paratrooper of the Italian special forces. After a failed mission in Yemen, Marco withdraws from the Army and tries to recover his peace of mind with the help of the psychiatrist Lidia. The two fall in love and get married. For Marco the hard trials of life are not over: one night Lidia, pregnant, is killed in a supermarket by a robber. Reality is much more complex and Marco discovers that his wife worked for the secret services…
Intelligence – Servizi & segreti is an Italian television series that unfortunately consists of only one season. A pity, since the story is valid and there are many beautiful nude actresses. We would have appreciated other seasons as well.
The actresses who take off their clothes for our happiness are Ana Caterina Morariu, Daniela Virgilio, Irene Ferri, Magdalena Grochowska and Sandra Franzo. Many sequences, lots of happiness.

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