Caged Women

Directed By: Erwin C. Dietrich


The original title of the film is Gefangene Frauen, but it is also known as Caged Women, Island Women, Women’s Penitentiary VII, and Folli piaceri delle porno prigioniere.
Director Erwin C. Dietrich packs a WIP (Women In Prison) film by subtracting the violent component – typical of this genre – and leaving only the sexual part. The result is very enjoyable. Naked actresses wash, fuck and run through almost the entire film. The plot is pretextual: the president of an unknown country hears about an impending UN inspection. To prevent the inspectors from noticing prostitution activities, he sends soldiers to pick up all the prostitutes and take them to Rat Island prison, run by the wicked Carla (Karine Gambier).
During the opening credits, we see a parade of nude actresses: Christa Free, Claudia Fielers, Nadine De Rangot, Ilonka List, and Melitta Tegeler. These are archive footage and we will not see these actresses again in the film. Two minutes later, Karine Gambier takes off her clothes and masturbates lying on the couch while a horny man watches her. In the next scene, Brigitte Lahaie is performing in a peep show. After the performance, the actress gives a private show to a man. France Lomay does the same thing: first a public performance, then a private one. The situation is repeated with Nadine Pascal. Meanwhile, Karine Gambier takes a bath, again admired by a man.
In the following long scene, we are in the prison. Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, and Nadine Pascal are being washed with a water hose, along with other girls. Just over two minutes later, the same trio of actresses is in the cell. The women are having sex with some of the guards. On the beach, Karine Gambier is having sex with a man.
In the next scene, we see a fight between a guard and a prisoner (France Lomay). Both are naked, and the girl wins the fight. Her prize is a lesbian night together with Karine Gambier. Between events, the three girls continue to have sex with the prison guards. It’s part of their plan to escape from prison, and they eventually succeed. Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, and Nadine Pascal run completely naked all over the island as soldiers chase them.
Spoiler alert: Nadine Pascal returns to her job, Karine Gambier is dismissed, and Brigitte Lahaie takes her place in the bath.

Nude scenes