King Kong

Directed By: John Guillermin


In 1933, director Merian C. Cooper brought King Kong to the cinema. He is a giant gorilla who is taken from his native island and brought to the so-called civilized world as an attraction. The ending is tragic. The gorilla dies under machine-gun fire after breaking free from his chains and kidnapping the beautiful actress with whom he has fallen in love. The film had many sequels and remakes. The first of the remakes is this 1976 King Kong, starring Jessica Lange as the actress who makes the gorilla fall in love. This is the film debut of the beautiful American actress.
In the 23rd minute there is Jessica Lange naked in the shower, partially covered by an opaque plastic curtain. When Jessica has finished washing, she comes out covering herself with a towel, which leaves her ass exposed, seen in profile. This is unfortunately a brief sequence, lasting only a handful of seconds. A couple of minutes later Jessica runs onto the deck of the ship wearing a shirt that leaves her belly exposed and a pair of shorts sewn around the perfect shape of her ass. Three minutes later a man carries Jessica on the beach of the mysterious island. Thirty-six minutes after landing, Jessica Lange is sitting on the palm of Kong’s large hand, which leads her under a waterfall to remove the mud covering her body, dressed in a ritual garb. Soon after, the gorilla blows on the actress’ wet body to dry her off. She regresses with an expression of enjoyment that excites both him and us. Ten minutes later, the actress is still on the palm of Kong’s hand, who pulls down her dress with one finger and uncovers her breasts. Nice move Kong!

Nude scenes