Directed By: Joe D'Amato


In the 1980s, a partnership between director Joe D’Amato and actress Lilli Carati led to the making of four films set in the fascist era.
L’alcova is the first of these films. A soldier returns from the war in Africa with the daughter of a tribal king (Laura Gemser), who was given to him as a gift for saving the aforementioned king.
The soldier’s wife (Lilli Carati) is vicious and has sex with him, but also with the housekeeper (Annie Belle). Initially, the woman is not happy with the new African guest, but after a few days, she adds her to her sexual sessions.
L’alcova is one of the most interesting films starring Lilli Carati. We can admire the actress in some very daring sequences and many lesbian scenes between her and the other two protagonists.
Unmissable scenes: Lilli Carati and Annie Belle lesbian in lingerie and black stockings, Laura Gemser licking Lilli Carati‘s tits, Annie Belle getting kissed between her legs by a young soldier, and Laura Gemser taking off Lilli Carati‘s panties to lick her pussy.

Nude scenes