L’assassino è costretto a uccidere ancora

Directed By: Luigi Cozzi


Giorgio is a greedy adulterer who makes a deal with a serial killer to get rid of his wealthy wife. Unfortunately, a young thrill-seeking couple steals the killer’s car with the woman’s corpse in the trunk, complicating matters.
In the 11th minute, Teresa Velázquez (AKA Tere Velázquez) has sex in bed with a man. Fourteen minutes later Cristina Galbó is unbuttoning her shirt in front of a gas station attendant while he is fueling her car. Thirty-two minutes later Cristina is lying on a couch and a man is undressing her. Immediately after, Femi Benussi has sex with a man in a car and shows us a beautiful full-frontal nude.

Nude scenes