Directed By: Marco Vicario


Rodolfo Persichetti is an executive of a major oil company suffering from sexual impotence that torments him. He turns to a psychologist, who tries to cure him with erotic experiences of various kinds, all of which fail. As you might guess, the film is packed with nude actresses. Many sequences, often short, with a fabulous cast full of interesting names.
In front of a movie poster depicting a beautiful topless woman, the protagonist imagines her in real life and we witness a scene with Carla Brait naked. Eight minutes later, the man spies Janet Agren naked, wearing a robe aided by the maid (Neda Arneric). Three minutes later we admire Silvia Dionisio in a transparent dress and a wig of black curls.
A few moments later, Anja Engstrom plays a discreet nurse who shows us tits and ass. Six minutes later, Rodolfo is chasing waitress Neda Arneric on the balcony of the house. She’s wearing transparent underwear and white stockings. A minute later it’s the turn of Milena Vukotic, who shows a boob to the protagonist. At the end of the sequence, Isabella Biagini enters the scene and she also shows a boob. Four minutes later, Rodolfo meets Paola Senatore and imagines her naked. In the same scene is Isabella Biagini in lingerie and black stockings. Later, Janet Agren has sex with the plumber while her husband spies on them. Seven minutes later Fellini’s Maria Antonietta Beluzzi makes an appearance. In the following scene, Silvia Dionisio undresses while dancing in a disco.

Nude scenes