Campagnola bella

Directed By: Mario Siciliano


Campagnola bella (AKA La campagnola bella) is a typical Italian erotic comedy about various people in a small town in Emilia Romagna.
In the 11th minute Franca Gonella dances on a bar table. Around her are many men applauding. Franca performs a sensual dance and her tits slip out of her open shirt. Six minutes later we admire Franca Gonella naked as she soaps herself in the bathtub. A man spies her from a breach in the wall, then enters to talk to her. Five minutes later, Franca is standing in front of a man in an open shirt with her boobs exposed. Three minutes later Femi Benussi enters a room and removes her robe, remaining in a black bodysuit and hold-up stockings. Ten minutes later, Femi is reading a book on the sofa while a man caresses her thighs. Three minutes later Paola Corazzi is standing in front of a man wearing black lingerie, stockings and garter belts. He undoes her top and we look at her breasts. After another four minutes Franca Gonella naked admires herself in front of the mirror. One minute later we admire Femi Benussi in black lingerie and stockings, and twenty-six minutes later we admire her in white lingerie.

Nude scenes