La moglie di mio padre

Directed By: Andrea Bianchi


Laura (Carrol Baker) is a mature woman who is despairing because her husband is no longer sexually attracted to her. The woman tries everything to rekindle the passion, but her husband prefers to cheat on her with younger women. Tired of the situation, she ends up in bed with her stepson, who likes her very much.
After the opening credits, we find Carroll Baker naked, in bed with a man. The two are having sex. A few moments later, the actress is naked again, standing in front of the main character. Nine minutes later, Gabriella Giorgelli is lying in bed giving sex lessons to Carroll, sitting in front of her. Evidently, the lesson has not helped, because soon after we find Carroll Baker naked and arguing; the woman is complaining to her husband about yet another défaillance in bed.
Six minutes later we get a chance to admire a full-frontal nude of Carla Spessato, who seems not to have acted in any other film after this one. Too bad, because she’s a very beautiful woman. Seven minutes later Femi Benussi gets together with a man in a darkened room to make out a little. Eleven minutes later, we admire a bikini-clad trio consisting of Carroll Baker, Femi Benussi, and Jenny Tamburi. Less than two minutes later, Femi Benussi is engaged in an intriguing sexual performance with a guy. In the post-intercourse, the actress delights us with full-frontal nudity. Twenty minutes later Carroll Baker has sex for the last time in the film.

Nude scenes