La professoressa di scienze naturali

Directed By: Michele Massimo Tarantini


La professoressa di scienze naturali is one of the many sexy Italian comedies in the school genre. An old natural science teacher gets injured, and the students are lucky enough to have a young, beautiful, and sensual substitute teacher, played by Lilli Carati.
The protagonist comes on screen after the first twenty minutes of the film. Lilli is seated, her beautiful legs crossed. The actress crosses her legs again, under the desk a few minutes later. After another four minutes comes the first nude. Lilli Carati shows us a full-frontal nude while bathing. Some boys spy on her through the keyhole and get very horny.
A few moments later we witness one of the most beautiful sequences with Ria De Simone naked. First, she arouses us with transparent lingerie, then she strips completely naked and gets covered in spaghetti with tomato sauce.
Three minutes later, some guys spy on Lilli Carati again, after building a telescope out of toilet paper rolls. Soon after, Lilli is wearing a very transparent green T-shirt. A boy takes off her shirt while chatting with her.
The last hot scenes of the film are three sex scenes. In the first, Lilli Carati is in bed with a boy. In the second, Serena Bennato has very passionate sex with a man. Finally, Lilli Carati has sex while immersed in seawater.

Nude scenes