La proprietà non è più un furto

Directed By: Elio Petri


A bank teller allergic to banknotes quits his job after an armed robbery. He decides to start a new life as a thief. He begins by targeting a popular former customer, a wealthy butcher.
La proprietà non è più un furto gives us some interesting sequences featuring Daria Nicolodi nude, Asia Argento‘s mother. In an early sequence the actress takes off all her clothes and shows us a beautiful full-frontal nude. The actress has her face covered with a woman’s stocking. In the second nude sequence Daria Nicolodi is standing and a man behind her reaches out and touches her breasts. In the following scene the woman is riding a man lying in bed. The camera frames her first from the front, then from the back. In another brief scene, a man unbuttoned Daria’s shirt and let’s out a boob, then caresses it.

Nude scenes