La ragazza del mondo

Directed By: Marco Danieli


A young girl named Giulia (Sara Serraiocco) is part of a very closed and strict religious belief. In the course of falling in love with Libero, the girl is abandoned by everyone around her.
In one scene, Sara Serraiocco is floating in a pool made of ice. The girl is wearing sheer white lingerie, wet, with her nipples visible. In the following scene, Sara is having sex with her boyfriend. He takes off her t-shirt and we can admire her boobs peeking out of the tank top. The girl, however, does not feel ready and nothing is done. Fortunately, sex comes later, with a great scene that starts with Sara Serraiocco taking off her pantyhose, continues with her and her boyfriend fucking in bed, and ends with her in the shower.

Nude scenes