La sanguisuga conduce la danza

Directed By: Alfredo Rizzo


Count Marnack, a widower, knows the theater actress Evelyn and falls in love with her. The actress is identical to his first wife. The two marry and the count invites the whole theater crew to his castle after the wedding. Shortly thereafter, some heinous murders begin.
La sanguisuga conduce la danza is the last film in which Krista Nell shows us her beautiful body. Unfortunately, this nice actress will die shortly after filming this film due to an incurable illness.
There is an uncut version of the film, in which we can watch much longer and much harder sequences. Marzia Damon and Halina Kim engage in a long lesbian sequence; in some close-ups, we wonder if the actresses are always them or if they are inserts added during the editing of the film. They are certainly inserted in a very hot Femi Benussi scene. Hardcore performances are also included in one of the sequences of Krista Nell, who never made pornographic scenes. Another insert is the blowjob added to Patrizia Webley‘s sex scene.
Finally, we report a nice sequence with Barbara Marzano playing with her perfect tits in front of the mirror.

Nude scenes