La scuola cattolica

Directed By: Stefano Mordini


La scuola cattolica (AKA The Catholic school) tells a horrible page in Italian history, that of the Circeo Massacre. Three boys from good families deceived two girls into the family villa of one of them and tortured them for 36 hours. One of the two girls died, the other pretended to be dead and had two of her kidnappers arrested, while the third fled and lived as a fugitive for the rest of his life.
In the sixteenth minute, Jasmine Trinca opens the door to one protagonist and leads him into a world of pleasure. We can see Jasmine Trinca naked after another fifty-two minutes. This time, the actress is engaged in a sex scene. A boy fucks her doggie-style.
All the other nude scenes arrive after about ten minutes. First, there is a full nude by Federica Torchetti, then a full nude by Benedetta Porcaroli, then a series of sequences in which both nude actresses are present.

Nude scenes