La squadra (Season 2)

Directed By: Donatella Maiorca


We watched the 26 episodes of the second season of La squadra to count the hot scenes. There are a dozen of them. The series tells the story of an Italian police station in long episodes of about 90 minutes each. As in the first season, intriguing scenes are few, but with several interesting names.
Cecilia Dazzi wears a sexy dress in the second episode. Raffaella Bergé wears a stunning miniskirt in the following episode. In episode five Saba Anglana unbuttons her shirt. In the ninth episode, Virginia Bianco undresses while a man spies on her. Two episodes later there is Yuliya Mayarchuk‘s first sexy scene.
In the fifteenth episode, we can enjoy a very rare hot sequence with Gea Lionello. The actress removes her skirt to take a drunk man into the shower. The water soaks her white shirt and her nipples can be seen. In the same episode, Yuliya Mayarchuk in a wedding dress performs a striptease for her husband. Another rare nude comes in episode nineteen: Sabrina Colle nude as a luxury escort. In episode twenty-five, we find Barbara Di Bartolo nude, and this is also a relatively rare nude.

Nude scenes