La supplente

Directed By: Guido Leoni


A school classroom teacher dies of a heart attack during class and a replacement is sought. The substitute teacher is Carmen Villani, beautiful, blond, sexy and with thighs on display under the desk. A student falls in love with her, but then ends up in a love story with her sister (Dayle Haddon).
At the fifteenth minute of the film Carmen Villani is questioning a student at the blackboard. The rest of the class has their heads down to spy on the actress’ thighs and panties. Twenty minutes later, in the school gymnasium, Ilona Staller and Gloria Piedimonte have a cheerful threesome with a guy. Both actresses give us full-frontal nudes. Four minutes later Carmen Villani takes off her clothes while a man is illustrating the trophies he has won for his competitive activities. Immediately afterwards the two have sex. Half an hour later Dayle Haddon takes off her robe and shows us a breathtaking full-frontal nude, then has sex with a guy on the bed. A long, very exciting scene. Three minutes later there is another sequence with Dayle Haddon naked. She and a guy have just finished fucking and head to the kitchen for a snack. A few minutes later Carmen Villani opens her shirt and shows her tits to a student. Inevitably, a sex scene ensues.

Nude scenes