La vela incantata

Directed By: Gianfranco Mingozzi


In 1930s Italy, Angelo and Tonino, brothers and owners of a travelling cinema, return to their home town. Angelo rediscovers his first love, Anna (Monica Guerritore), but is also attracted by a woman who offers him the opportunity to open a cinema. However, Tonino joins forces with an anti-fascist intellectual, bringing tension and conflict between the two brothers as they clash with the ideologies of the Regime.
In the nineteenth minute, Monica Guerritore is lying naked in bed, her head resting on a man’s chest, smoking a cigarette. We guess that they have just finished having sex. The actress passes the cigarette to the man, then stands up giving us a better view of her beautiful breasts, then walks towards the window and gives us a full-frontal nude. Seventy-three minutes later the actress is back in bed with the man. This time she is wearing a semi-transparent slip over her breasts. The two are kissing.

Nude scenes