The Five Juanas

Directed By: Carlos Cock, Rodrigo Ugalde De Haene


In La Venganza de las Juanas (AKA The Five Juanas), five Mexican women make a startling discovery. All five are named Juana and all five have an identical birthmark on one butt cheek! They soon discover they have a common father, a powerful politician who harassed and threatened their mothers. The five women decide to take revenge.
Zuria Vega is pole dancing in the first episode, while Juanita Arias has just been arrested and shows us her tattooed ass. Oka Giner is the nude actress in the third episode. She stands in front of the mirror and shows us her tits and ass.
In episode 11, Zuria Vega is in bed with her man. The woman is wearing very sexy black lingerie. Paulette Hernandez has a brief sex scene in the following episode. Zuria Vega and Sofia Engberg have two very intriguing sex scenes in episode thirteen.
In the fourteenth episode, we see a sequence in which two different fuck scenes alternate, starring Paulette Hernandez and Renata Notni. Paulette Hernandez and Zuria Vega deliver a very exciting lesbian scene in the fifteenth. The sixteenth and seventeenth episodes also feature interesting sex scenes starring Renata Notni and Juanita Arias.

Nude scenes