L’amore è imperfetto

Directed By: Francesca Muci


Elena (Anna Foglietta) is a very beautiful woman. A 35-year-old woman just returned from a love disappointment. She is trying to rebuild her life after being betrayed by her partner. One day, Adriana (Lorena Cacciatore) enters Elena’s life. She is an eighteen-year-old girl with a lot of energy. They begin a story full of passion that will change both of their lives.
L’amore è imperfetto is definitely one of our favorite movies of 2012, with some stunning scenes.
Anna Foglietta excites us right from the opening credits, while she gets dressed to leave the house.
Later, Anna Foglietta is completely naked in the shower. A few minutes later, she seduces her partner by playing with a cigar, sucking it provocatively.
A very intriguing lesbian scene follows. Anna Foglietta and Lorena Cacciatore kiss, then Anna licks her breasts. In the following scene, Lorena calls Anna and they have sex over the phone.
Before the end of the film, the two protagonists give us another couple of unmissable hot sequences.

Nude scenes