Laß jucken, Kumpel

Directed By: Franz Marischka


Laß jucken, Kumpel is a German erotic comedy, made in 1972 by director Franz Marischka. The film was a great success and several sequels were made.
In this first chapter of the saga, we meet Heiner Lenz, a miner. The plot is not rich. Heiner has a wife (Anne Graf), but also many lovers. Because of the young child and the neighbors’ constant disturbances, the couple’s relationship is in crisis. Heiner consoles himself by drinking beers and sleeping with other women.
After the first minute of the film, we can admire Anne Graf naked. The actress is lying on the bed. She’s sleeping, but her husband wants to have sex with her and strips her. Ten minutes later, we witness an intriguing ballet. Ulrike Butz wears a paper dress and dances in front of a man, who removes her clothes to show off a fabulous full-frontal nude.
Astrid Frank plays a sexy inmate who has sex in a cell with a cop. The following four hot scenes are all played by Anne Graf, nude and flirty. A very hot scene follows: the protagonist fondles Elke Boltenhagen, while Birgit Bergen watches excitedly from behind a fake mirror. The two make love, while Birgit continues to spy, strips, and plays with a banana. In the end, Birgit joins the two lovers, creating a threesome.
Manuela Widman undresses in the following scene to get into the bathtub. There are still many interesting scenes, among which we point out Elke Boltenhagen having sex on a pool table and Renate Kasché having sex on the sofa.

Nude scenes